We won something. Thanks everyone.

PhD Online

I’ve just been informed that we’ve been voted one of the top 50 archaeology blogs for 2010. They said we exuded overall brilliance!!! I’ll take that.

On a side note. I’ve been very busy finishing my Master’s Thesis this month and that is why there haven’t been any posts for awhile. I will be defending at the end of the week and then heading back out to the site to continue research, so there will hopefully be some new content available soon.


About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

2 responses to “We won something. Thanks everyone.”

  1. Joe Dancy says :

    Great Sean, congrats.

    Have one at the KBC for me when you celbrate this award, and after defending your Thesis. :)

  2. Joe Dancy says :

    Sean –

    Forgot to mention. Local historical society had a tour a couple weeks ago of the Cliff mine.

    Here are some of the photos:


    I see Dr. Al Johnson was one of the guides. And several other familar faces were in attendance. I heard they did a good job with the tour.

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