Back from a Long Break, Continued

101.T8 after closing the first level of excavation and opening another. For the most part, this unit is already mostly completed due to the amount of wood surface exposed. Note the green-stained wood at center.

Back in the wash house, excavations continued east of the current open trenches. The new unit trench, 101.T8, was another 4×2 meter area with a north-south sloping topography. This unit was connected to 101.T3 on the west but off set 1 meter to the south. We assumed we’d find much the same thing in it during excavation, a wood working surface in the north end and a tangle of wood launders and a hard to reach bottom in the south end.

The students took to 101.T8 with shovels at first, but quickly found that trowels were required once they came upon some wood in the north half closer to the surface than the wood found in 101.T3. This was a long beam that began just within the western sidewall and continued east through the east side wall. The beam was 30 cm wide and at least that tall. It was split right down the middle of its length and had 2 large iron bolts sticking up out of it. To the north of this beam was a floor, but the beam was so close to the northern side wall that only 20 cm of this floor could be exposed. It continued south of the beam as well for another 40+ cm.

In the middle of the unit (at the end of the floor)  a green-stained surface of planks was discovered at the same level as the floor just mentioned. The green stain was copper residue and the planks were likely part of some sort of separation technology we’re not able to identify as of yet. Beyond that to the south there was a void filled with stamp sand. We decided to call it a day on 101.T3, take photos and draw what we had uncovered so far.


About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

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