The mill site after all excavations were backfilled. Sad to see it go but we're leaving happy knowing that the remains are preserved in sands for maybe another 160 years.

There is still a lot of archaeology to post about but as you know, every excavation has an end-point, and when that point comes, you need to fill the holes back in? Why not just leave it for everyone to enjoy? For preservation. If we left it open the wood would quickly disintegrate.

The backfill took place on July 2nd, nearly a full week after we thought we would. We kept it open a bit longer in order to give a tour of the site to the Keweenaw National Historic Park and its Advisory Commission. I can’t speak for them but I bet they were pretty impressed.


About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

2 responses to “Backfilling”

  1. Mary Schwoppe says :

    Will miss you! Thanks for all the photos of The Cliff that I have incuded in our family history. Was an interesting journey back in time!!!

  2. Sean Gohman says :

    Remember, now. I’m not even close to done with the excavation posts. There will be lots more “stuff” and pictures in the coming weeks.

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