The Cliff’s Invincible Determination!

Sometimes I stumble upon interesting quotes and tidbits in my notes…

From the July 23rd issue of the Lake Superior Journal (Sault Ste. Marie)

July 18th, 1853 dated editorial from a “C”:

“Amongst my more immediate “compagnons du voyage” are some of those whose names are identified so closely with the early history of the mining operations of Lake Superior and the rise and progress up to the present moment of its most successful development that the time may come, when their names will be consecrated, as the Poet has it, either in “Sculptured Marble or Monumental Brass” as they have already been crowned with many masses of copper. But should the districts for which these gentlemen have done so much prove ungrateful, they will have the pleasing satisfaction of knowing, that they belong to “the forlorn hope” whose good fortune it was, to rescue from comparative oblivion this great district! That it was to their indomitable will and perseverance amidst difficulties and disasters, which banished from the country all their competitors, that the solid “Cliff” was made to “Ope its ponderous jaws” and yield up its treasures to their invincible determination.”


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One response to “The Cliff’s Invincible Determination!”

  1. Mary Schwoppe says :

    That’s a keeper for sure!

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