First step… gas up Jimbo

The field season officially starts when Jimbo, our beloved work truck, gets out of storage and is gassed up for the first time. You never know if its going to start after the long winter break… but since our winter break this year was about six weeks shorter than usual, Jimbo fired right up. Thanks to Mark Dice for the images.

Jimbo (and I) at the MTU gas station.

The glove compartment where maps go to die.

A reminder that not only does the truck need to be running and clean, so too the cameras.


About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

4 responses to “First step… gas up Jimbo”

  1. Lee Sweitz says :

    Hello Jimbo, old friend! I can’t wait to get out to Cliff.

  2. James Dau says :

    The tales that truck could tell, if it could but speak

  3. Joe Dancy says :

    Sweet. Where is the snow?

    • Sean Gohman says :

      The snows flying today. Wet and windy up here. I was hoping to get out yesterday or today and take some pics at the site but the weather’s kept me in the office and archives.

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