More Jimbo excitement!

Our work truck, Jimbo. The thing is a tank.



About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

4 responses to “More Jimbo excitement!”

  1. Cari in Ironwood says :

    This monster must be impossible to turn around. Don’t even go down a narrow woods road.

  2. Sean Gohman says :

    It can get a bit hairy with Jimbo. Last fall I almost got stuck on an old RR bed that suddenly terminated at a sand pit with 30 ft slopes on either side. Either slowly back out with little ability to see behind me or try for the sand pit. I backed out.

    What’s funny is that the car I owned when I first started working with Jimbo was a Toyota Corolla. Night and day difference in handling. I’ve since moved up (only a bit) into a Subaru.

  3. Joe Dancy says :

    Do we have a schedule for the summer’s activity? Just curious, it might be fun to come and watch the ‘action’

    • Sean Gohman says :

      As of now we are waiting on our grant. Then we’ll know what we can do. We are planning on starting the second week of May at Cliff but it may be a week or two before we start digging. The schedule should follow last year’s very closely. Open house tours starting in June and going on up until the third weekend so or.

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