Upcoming Presentation on Mills of the Keweenaw

On Wednesday, April 12th, I will be giving what we call in the Department of Social Sciences at MTU, a “Brown Bag” presentation in AOB 201. This is a time for students to present on ongoing research and practice in front of a known audience before possibly (hopefully) presenting that research before a professional audience at a conference. Usually these take place over the lunch hour (noon-1 pm), and people often bring brown bag lunches (hence the name).

Anyway, I don’t just study the Cliff mine. I am interested in the milling technology of the Copper Country in general, and especially that of the period 1845-1885. This talk will focus on what I’ve learned about the early milling history of Keweenaw County, both in the archives and in the field. Its called, “Milling About The Keweenaw,” and is a play on the term milling, which can also mean wandering around without an apparent direction/intent. This research felt like that sometimes since it actually came out as a by-product of other research/fieldwork for something completely different.

These are not well-publicized events so sorry for the short notice. I assume I’ll be presenting on this topic again in the near future both at conferences and for local interest groups so stayed tuned. I’m not going anywhere and Keweenaw County is only 1 of 3 counties that had mills in that period. There is a lot more research to be undertaken.


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About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

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