Third season of field work set to being this week.

Just one of the many messes we’re sure to find ourselves in this spring.

Welcome to our third year of field work at the Cliff Mine. Monday kicked off the first day of Michigan Tech’s summer semester and that means our Archaeological Field Methods course begins this week too. The first week is generally composed of lectures, site walk-overs, field trips, and basic field methods training, but soon we’ll be out excavating the stamp mill, mapping the town site, taking soil samples, and basically trying to make sense of this place we call Cliff.

This year looks to be our largest yet in terms of field crew. We have two instructors, Dr.’s Timothy Scarlett and Sam Sweitz, and three graduate students, myself included, collecting data for their dissertations/thesis. Another three, possibly four, grad students are joining us to meet their degree-course requirements. Eight (!) undergrads are also signed up for the course and four to five volunteers have also stepped up to lend a hand. With this many people we’ll be able to spread out and cover both the mill site, the town site, and possibly other related locations in the Keweenaw. It definitely looks like we’ll be able to expand our site tours this spring to include Clifton, an area that for the last two seasons were neglected either for lack of time or personnel.

I hope you can join us either at the site or here, on the blog.

-Sean M. Gohman


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About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

2 responses to “Third season of field work set to being this week.”

  1. Joe Dancy says :


  2. Mary Hill says :

    Hi Sean,
    Great news about the Clifton town site tours! Thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Great Great Grandpa Warren’s stamp mill last summer but I am still looking forward to pinpointing my grandmother’s birthplace and Warren family home. Any ideas yet as to dates for this season’s tours?

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