We Found a Floor?

On Sunday, during the times it wasn’t raining, the crew continued tackling the rock pile that comprised Unit 4. This rock was found just under the surface (about 10 cm depth) and continued about another 25 or so. It didn’t extend all the way to the SW corner however, and here the soil and root matter was deeper. This is mainly due to a pine tree sitting just outside the unit, along with a collection of building stones (with mortar) piled up in the corner making for great spaces for roots to “root around” in.

A poor photo of Unit 4 just before we bagan removing the layer of rock found just under the top soil. Note the building stones and tree that interferes with our square in the lower (SW) corner. We took this image Saturday afternoon when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

For the most part, the students working here used a combination of pick, shovel, and trowel. The pick broke up the rock, the shovel removed it, and the trowel was handy in making sure the pick wasn’t disrupting anything underneath. The entire day consisted of picking, shovel, and troweling while occasionally coming across a nail. At the very end of the day, just as rain began to fall for the last time, two discoveries were made. The first was along the western edge of the unit. Here, a surface of charred wood, all laying at irregular angles, extends out from the wall about 30 cm east. The second discovery was a possible working surface, since it bears a resemblance of the some of the working surfaces encountered last year. Unfortunately, this occurred just when it began raining, so we couldn’t take a picture to show here. We’ll have to wait til Wednesday.


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Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

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