May 31st: A Day When I Remembered to Take Pictures

Some days we have to ford the West Branch of the Eagle River. Today was one of those days. Check out our improvised bridges (and ignore my double chin).

Not a bad day to be working outside in Clifton. Dr. Scarlett works with the surveying equipment in order to lay out a grid of test units (the students in foreground and background are digging some of the selected areas in the grid).

Here’s Lee working diligently on paperwork.

Back at the mill, a new backfill pile had to be started. For those of you familiar with the site, the boiler room of the stamp mill is at back-left.


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About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

3 responses to “May 31st: A Day When I Remembered to Take Pictures”

  1. Ken Schug says :

    Are there any plans to dig the lift house area on the cliff itself?
    Over the past seven years, two friends and I, make an annual trek to Clifton, to explore, dream about the hearty souls of old and to rock hound. We have developed a love for this area! Thanks for the posts, and good luck in your quest. Ken (R.M.Co.)

    • Sean Gohman says :

      Not this year. There are dozens of potential research questions and areas that could be investigated at Cliff. What needs to happen is for a grad student to walk up and say, “I have a research question that involves excavating at the engine/hoist house at the top of the Cliff?” Then we can start making a proposal and look for funds. Right now three grads have three research questions: I’m looking at the mill, Lee is looking at foodways in Clifton, and Roger is looking at mapping Clifton with digital survey equipment.

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