The Warren Mill’s Stamp Room: Then and Today

Our excavations of the Warren era mill are completed. Before I go into too much detail about those excavations I wanted to show a couple of images: one of Warren’s mill as it looked nearly a century ago, the other what it looks like today. You can see that some of it is recognizable. For one thing, the brick, stone, and mortar machine mount/pedestal is still standing, though much has eroded away leaving iron bolts to indicate where and how iron equipment was attached.

The wood apron/floor where crushed rock and copper mineral flowed out of the stamp mortars and into the wash-house is still in place, though due to fire and time it is heavily damaged now. The stone in the current image was most likely sitting directly below the right-hand battery of 4 stamps. The stone provided a flat foundation upon which to set the battery with the idea being that it would help absorb the constant pounding and compression of the 200 lb. stamps. At some point this pressure cracked the stone in half, giving us an idea as to the power gravity can wield (remember, in this mill steam only lifted the stamps, with gravity bringing them down onto the rock/ore below.

Looking outside the mill in the first image

The interior of Warren’s mill circa 1920’s. Note the camera box in the foreground and the iron bolt/nut at upper left (sitting in front of the gears). Image courtesy of the Michigan Tech Archives.

Here is Warren’s mill today. I tried to recreate the earlier image as best I could. Use the bolt at upper left in this pic to orient with the earlier pic.

This historic image and others can be found at the Keweenaw Digital Archives of Michigan Technological University:


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Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

One response to “The Warren Mill’s Stamp Room: Then and Today”

  1. Mary Hill says :

    The pictures are wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in person this weekend!

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