The Rain Really Needs to Stop

Usually, water would only make up the middle third of this view. Not today.

I understand how badly the Upper Peninsula needs rain right now but the last two days have seen too much of it. Just getting to the site requires wading through water. It should go down enough that by the weekend visitors will be able to come out without worry of getting wet (and I DO NOT want to scare anyone off) but I just wanted you all to know what we sometimes have to deal with when we arrive on site.

Trevor and Brittany had to use our two pair of rubber boots to get across the West Branch of the Eagle River today.

High water or not, it was an absolutely beautiful day to be working outside at Cliff.



About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

2 responses to “The Rain Really Needs to Stop”

  1. Lee Sweitz says :

    So glad that we took a chance on a break in the weather on Wednesday — it was good to finish our STPs in the south side of Clifton and to get a little more drawing done.

  2. Lee Sweitz says :

    /a little more drawing done in the industrial core/

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