What Happened to the Blog? Where are New Posts?

Sorry for the lapse in posting everyone. I’ve been pretty busy with things outside of Cliff research for the past month. First, I had to work on and finish a report for one of my funders. Second, I got married and there were TWO receptions in two different parts of the Midwest. I’ve therefore been travelling a lot and haven’t had time to keep the blog up to date.

I can tell you that although the blog is running on fumes at the moment, others have shown interest. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a link to a site visitor’s own blog that describes his visit and his interest in the Cliff.


About Sean Gohman

Currently a PhD Degree seeking student in the Michigan Tech University's Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

3 responses to “What Happened to the Blog? Where are New Posts?”

  1. Mary Hill says :

    Congratulations on your marriage, Sean… and best wishes! Looking forward to seeing the visitor’s blog tomorrow and your future posts.

  2. Woods Jack says :

    Hello, Sean,
    Is a stamp mill a precursor to the jaw crusher, which I think, was invented in the 1850s. Steam powered!

    • Timothy James Scarlett says :

      Hi Jack, I’m sorry that we missed your comment last summer! I noticed it today. A jaw crusher is a type of machine invented for crushing larger rocks into smaller chunks so that those could be fed into the stamp mill. So they aren’t technically part of the stamping, but they were often used in the area where the trams arrived at the stamp mill, usually on an elevated platform so that the crushed rock could then be gravity fed down into the stamp mill.

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