Stakeholder Meeting for Eagle River Remediation/Cliff Mine Site.

Today I received an email from Gina Nicholas, of the Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District.  Next week, the HKCD is going to hold a meeting for representatives of different stakeholder groups with interest in the Cliff Mine site and the remediation of stamp sands from historic sites along the Eagle River. During the meeting, Chad Kotke will present an update of the DEQ remediation plan. After this meeting, the Conservation District holds their public meeting, during which Mr. Kotke will give a lecture about the project.  

If you have an interest in the Cliff or Clifton, consider contacting a representative of one of these organizations to discuss your views.  Of course, the public is always invited to join the Conservation District.



Dear Cliff Mine Stakeholders, 

A meeting with Chad Kotke, DEQ, is scheduled for Thursday, March 21 from 2:00-3:30 PM at the MTU Lakeshore Center, first floor board room, to discuss plans for Cliff and restoration of the Eagle River. You and your organization have been identified as key stakeholders and we hope you or a designee(s) will attend.
Organizations invited include:
Keweenaw County Road Commission (KCRC)
Keweenaw County Historical Society (KCHS)
Keweenaw National Historical Park (KNHP) 
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC)
Michigan Tech — Industrial Archaeology Program
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District (HKCD)
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
If you think there are other key stakeholders please call me.
Attached for your use is a map of the Cliff site.
Please call me if you have any questions about this meeting. 
We look forward to seeing you on March 21!



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About Timothy James Scarlett

Associate Professor of Archaeology at Michigan Technological University.

One response to “Stakeholder Meeting for Eagle River Remediation/Cliff Mine Site.”

  1. kotkec says :

    Thanks Tim for spreading the word! Although the internal discussion will be targeted at specific groups there is the public meeting at 5 pm where I will be sticking around after the HKCD Annual meeting to discuss work on the inland stamp sand sites. This currently covers the Central, Cliff, and Winona mines but does not cover the superfund work that was performed on Torch Lake or the on going discussions for the Gay stamp sands.

    Chad Kotke

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