June 15, 2013: Rainy Open House Morning

Good morning everyone,

The Copper Country is having some rain this morning and perhaps on-and-off over the entire day today. Looking at the radar, I think we’ll head out to the site, but there may be a delay this morning. If you are planning on visiting, you might delay your arrival and check the radar for rain. If there are thunderstorms, the students and I will seek shelter and leave the site.

Sunday looks beautiful!



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About Timothy James Scarlett

Associate Professor of Archaeology at Michigan Technological University.

2 responses to “June 15, 2013: Rainy Open House Morning”

  1. marilyn osier-swan says :

    I have come across a copper printing plate of the sketched image on this sight. plate says cliff copper mine Keweenaw peninsula 1847-1887. can you tell me more about this item.

    • Timothy James Scarlett says :

      Wow, Marylyn! That sounds very interesting. I might be able to help you and I will certainly ask around also. Can you send me some pictures? Where did you find it? Are you a local resident, or are you perhaps in Pittsburg or Boston?

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